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Starting a Business in the Zumbro Valley— 
Getting into business the right way!

WABASHA COUNTY CONTACTS   If you plan on starting a business in rural Wabasha County, you will need to get information from the following county departments.

Wabasha County Environmental Services Department -
While you are in the planning stages for your business, you should check zoning ordinances. You will also need to get your building permits from Wabasha County Zoning. Wabasha County uses Construction Management Services (CMS) for building inspections and fire code compliance inspections.

Wabasha County Zoning - The Wabasha County Environmental Services Department is responsible for planning and managing programs to protect health and the environment. These programs include environmental health; planning & zoning; solid waste, recycling and household hazardous waste; and water planning. This department is involved in enforcing a variety of ordinances, guiding future development, and providing educational information on an array of items relating to all of the programs above.

Planning and Zoning Officer:
Tracy Pooler, 625 Jefferson Ave., Wabasha MN 55981
Phone: (651)-565-3062   Fax: (651)-565-3159    E-mail

Feedlot Officer:
 625 Jefferson Ave., Wabasha MN 55981 
Position currently open, please call - Phone: (651)-565-5175   Fax: (651)-565-3159

The following resource materials are online.

Land Use Plan Planning and Zoning
Zoning Maps and Resources
Wabasha Cty. Landform-Landuse Composite map
Cty. Comprehensive Plan Map
Wabasha Cty. Zoning map
General Highway Map
Zoning Ordinance
 Wabasha County Zoning Ordinance
Subdivision Ordinance
Land Split Application
Wind Energy Ordinance
Feedlot Information
Feedlot Ordinance With Notes 2
Report Form for 2009 Feedlot Grant
Solid Waste/Recycling Program
Burn Barrels
Household Hazardous Waste Collections
Wabasha County Licensed Municipal Solid Waste Haulers
Natural Resource Block Grant Allocation

Building Permit Information & Inspections
Construction Management Services of Rochester, 1700 Broadway Ave N Ste 128, Rochester, MN 55906 (507) 282-8206


Wabasha County Public Health Department
If you're starting a Bed & Breakfast establishment or restaurant, you will need to work with Environmental Health to meet state and county code.

Environmental Health Program - This department is responsible for enforcing county ordinances and administering programs designed to protect and enhance public health and environmental quality in Wabasha County. The various issues covered under the Environmental Health area include: individual sewage treatment systems; water supply wells; food, beverage and lodging establishments; manufactured home parks; recreational camping areas; public swimming pools; water testing; air quality and indoor air quality; lead; asbestos; and other environmental hazards. The Environmental Health staff also conducts investigations of environmental and public health issues.

Health Inspections: Susie West, 411 Hiawatha Dr E, Wabasha, MN 55981
Phone: (651)-565-5200 Fax: (651)-565-2637     E-mail

Requirements for Special Events Food Stands
Special Events Food Stand Application

Wells and Septic
Wells - New well construction, well sealing or any reconstruction or repair of an existing well that modifies the well casing needs to be done by a licensed well contractor. An approved well construction or well sealing permit is needed before work begins. This office reviews and issues well and well sealing permits to ensure compliance with Minnesota Rules. We take certified water samples when requested. We also provide information on wells and water quality.

Individual Sewage Treatment Systems
- Any time a new septic system is to be installed or an existing system is replaced or repaired, an approved septic system permit is required. This permit must be approved before any construction takes place. This office reviews applications and approves septic permits. This office also takes complaints and investigates the validity of complaints relating to septic systems. We also provide enforcement on non-compliant systems. Information on septic systems can also be obtained through this office.

Water Quality & Septic Systems Contact: 411 Hiawatha Dr E, Wabasha, MN 55981  
 Phone: (651)-565-5200 Fax: (651)-565-2637

Emergency Management Department -
If you are starting a campground or mobile home park, you must work with the Emergency Management Department because you will need to provide a storm shelter to users of your facility.

Emergency Management Director: Brenda Wodele, 848-17th St. E, Wabasha, MN 55981-5033 Phone: (651)-565-3069 Fax: (651)-560-1049 E-mail: bwodele@co.wabasha.mn.us


Auditor/Treasurer Department
The Auditor/Treasurer's Office maintains complete records on all real and personal property parcels. This office also collects all current real estate, personal property, mobile home, state deed and mortgage registration taxes, and provides information for all legal description queries.

Liquor Licenses
This office is responsible for the issuance of County liquor, wine, beer, auctioneer, fireworks, gambling and other licenses issued by the County as appropriate.

Wabasha County Auditor/Treasurer: Denise M. Anderson, 625 Jefferson Ave., Wabasha, MN 55981 Phone: (651)-565-2648 Fax: (651)-565-2774 E-mail

County Recorder Department
The office of the County Recorder consists of Real Estate Records, Personal Property Records, Vital Statistics and Driver's License's Divisions. Real Estate Records include information such as ownership, liens, and easements of all property in Wabasha County. The Personal Property Records show whether an individual pledged any personal property (i.e. snowmobiles, boats, cattle) as collateral for loans.

Wabasha County Recorder: Jeffery Aitken, 625 Jefferson Ave., Wabasha, MN 55981
Phone: (651)-565-3623 Fax: (651)-565-2774    E-mail

Property Search
To learn what property taxes are on a parcel, use this link.


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