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Starting a Business in the Zumbro Valley—
Getting into business the right way!


Minnesota Department of Revenue
Information about getting a Minnesota State Tax Identification Number

Internal Revenue Service
Taxpayer Identification Numbers
Information on federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is also called the federal tax identification number.


STATE PLUMBING PERMIT - needed for any business that is building or remodeling a space that will serve the public

Minnesota Department of Industry & Labor
If you serve the public, any remodeling or new construction you do for your business will need to have a state plumbing permit. Information, the application and fees for the permit.

For general inquiries, call (651) 284-5063.

DLI reviews proposed plumbing projects to ensure compliance with the Minnesota Plumbing Code (Minnesota Rules Chapter 4715). Plumbing plans and a fee must be submitted for modification or installation of all plumbing systems that serve the public or that serve a considerable number of persons. This includes, but is not limited to, restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, offices, warehouses, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and housing with five units or more (excluding townhomes built to the International Residential Code (IRC) with individual water and sewer services to each dwelling unit). The fees for plan review are required by Minnesota Statutes 326B.49 Subd. 2.


Explore The Zumbro is a collaboration of cities, businesses and organizations that are in or near the Zumbro River Valley in eastern Goodhue and Wabasha Counties in southeastern Minnesota..
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